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Kris Osborne Kris Osborne is a recipe developer and food photographer from Toronto, Ontario. She is a culinary graduate with a background in holistic health and her blog, 80twenty, celebrates  healthy, tasty, vibrant food that most often reflects what’s local and in season. She works as the Food Director for an online organic farmers’ market, teaches cooking classes in the city, and freelances for the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance—a job she adores—where she gets to learn about local food and drink from some of the best chefs, bakers, farmers, wine-makers, craft-brewers, and artisans in Ontario.

Kris has collaborated with companies like Natrel Milk, KitchenAid, Samuel Adams Beer, Happy Planet, and others, and her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Clean Eating Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Canadian Living, Impact Magazine, Eat In Eat Out Magazine, The Kitchn, and Food 52, among others. She is also a columnist for Tuja Wellness.

Through BAKED, Kris will bring you a range of goodies from good old fermented sourdough bread to accessible gluten-free desserts. Her treats will always bring the kind of comfort and goodness that comes with cozying up, baking at home, and doing things from scratch, but with the addition of wholesome, better-for-you substitutions or add-ins. She gets weak in the knees for chocolate studded, nut-packed cookies, crusty sourdough bread, flaky pastry, and anything that has a high-vibe spin on it. Chia is her add-in of choice and indie, folk music creates the backdrop of her kitchen creations.

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Gabriel Cabrera Gabriel Cabrera is a culinary-trained rebel turned food stylist. He also happens to be the one-man-show behind Artful Desperado, a site where he shares his favourite digs in food, art, design and his personal work.

Gabriel’s work has been featured on several online and print publications including The Huffington Post, Residence Magazine, Women’s Health, the Bon Appétit blog, Frankie Magazine blog, Food52, and many more. He has also been able to collaborate with some cool cats such as Tourism Australia, Air New Zealand, and West Elm.

For BAKED, Gabriel will share what can be considered the elixir of life – a.k.a. super decadent baked goods that are easily made by all. His recipes will lean towards the classics with hints of world flavours – after all, his latin soul can’t stop adding spice to stuff! Basically, a male Julia Child with a penchant for chocolate.

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Kelly BrissonKelly Brisson is an eater. To call it anything else would not fully convey her gluttony or love of all things food. When she’s not eating, she can also be found developing recipes, shooting and styling food, and writing. Her blog, The Gouda Life, covers a vast array of whole food recipes. Some decadent, butter-steeped and calorie-laden and some vegan, vegetarian or just down right good-for-ya. She believes in balance and finding a way to indulge while being kind to your body, too.

Kelly’s work has appeard in several online and print publications like The Kitchn, Serious Eats, Huffington Post, Food and Wine Magazine, Cityline.ca, Aritzia, and more. She regularly collaborates with Natrel Milk, Turkey Farmers of Canada, Mushrooms Canada and Hillshire Farm and she is currently the East Coast Editor for Eat In Eat Out Magazine. She has also appeared on The Illegal Eater with Stephen Page.

For BAKED, Kelly plans to bring her usual zest for real, whole foods and classic recipes put together in unique ways, with unexpected ingredients. From marble rye, a recipe she’s worked on for years since that infamous Seinfeld episode, to elegant cakes and every stop in between….especially the stops with bacon or cheese.

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Laura Wright Laura Wright is a recipe developer, food photographer, and hospitality professional from the Niagara region of Ontario. Her blog, The First Mess, is a recipe journal celebrating natural foods in season and the moments of life that surround.

Laura’s work has appeared on SAVEUR, the Martha Stewart Living Blog, Food & Wine, The Huffington Post, Epicurious, SHAPE Magazine, The Kitchn, and the Food Network Blog among other places. She has also contributed recipes and photos to Clean Eating Magazine, BuzzFeed, Pure Green Magazine, Wilder Quarterly, and The Guardian. In 2014, her site was selected by editors of SAVEUR Magazine as the best special diets blog.

With BAKED, Laura’s work will veer towards the hippie-dip/crunchy granola spectrum of treats: always vegan + sometimes naturally gluten free, utilizing a variety of whole grain flours, plenty of seasonal produce, and other wholesome bits. Vegetables in cake, seedy breakfast cookies and superfood-studded chocolate treats make her heart pitter-patter.

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ashley colbourneAshley Colbourne is a food photographer, food stylist, and recipe developer from Toronto Ontario. She currently works as a part-time chef at a local catering company. Her blog, Butterflyfood, is a place to share recipes and food photos of the things she is currently cooking up. You will most definitely find her strolling through farmers markets on a Saturday, or seemingly forever stuck in a corner of the cookbook section at her local bookstore, all the while listening to vintage mystery radio.

Ashley’s work has appeared on SAVEUR, Food and Wine, Style at Home, the Huffington Post, Mingle magazine, Oh Joy, and N.E.E.T. She also regularly collaborates with Natrel Milk.

For BAKED, Ashley plans to share her love of stress-free baking with a mix of sweet and savoury treats–from the oh-so-decadent-I-want-it-all-covered-in-chocolate-and-then-some, to a healthier, some vegan, some gluten-free for those lighter days when we’re still looking for a little treat. Her go-to ingredient is coconut. Deciding on whether or not she should add coconut sometimes results in a stalemate.

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Adrian and Jeremy - The Food Gays
Adrian and Jeremy are the two smiling men behind The Food Gays, a blog that focuses on bright and colorful recipes you’ll want to eat with your eyes first. What began as a hobby in 2012 has transformed into a way of life for both – with Jeremy successfully completing his training from the Baking and Pastry Arts program at VCC in 2014, and now working as a full-time baker. For Adrian, it’s the styling and photography that he loves the most. Together, the duo now run their own Social Media company, and also offer recipe development, food photography and styling under their brand.

Adrian and Jeremy’s work has been featured on The Huffington Post, food52, The Kitchn, and Vitamin Daily. They are also contributing editors for The Feed Feed.

For BAKED, The Food Gays plan to bring their love of color (and butter) to the mix, with a variety of both savory and sweet creations.

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Sofia is the relentless experimenter, mess maker, and picture taker behind From the Land we Live on – a food blog focused on sharing ideas and seasonal recipes inspired by ingredients found close to home. She’s also a holistic nutritionist, a software developer and an amateur urban gardener, enjoying her many vocational hats. When not doing any of the above, she can often be found feasting on cheese samples at local farmer’s markets, picking fruit trees, or eating ice cream.

While Sofia’s fairly new to culinary scene and doesn’t have an impressive list of publications or culinary accomplishments, she did bake her own wedding cake, which earned her a well-deserved spot on the BAKED team.

For BAKED, Sofia will aim to surprise you. Seasonal ingredients, foraged fruit, and items from her garden are the usual sources of inspiration, but she also has a soft spot for cheese and likes to play around with traditional recipes in unusual ways.

Connect with Sofia: sofia (at) fromthelandweliveon.com
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