Ham and Blue Cheese Scones

Ham and Cheese Scones Ham and Cheese Scones Ham and Cheese Scones

There’s few things in life we enjoy more than a buttery, flaky, well crafted scone. Warm and crispy from the oven, smothered in butter or savory whipped cream… it’s essentially the epitome of indulging yourself on a lazy morning.

If blue cheese isn’t your thing, these babies just might make you a fan for life. Their flavor profile is gentle yet undeniably cheesy, and combined with the ham it makes a perfect combo for tea time. We used a rosemary-infused sea salt in ours, but regular sea salt will do. Cut them in half, and they’d make for great little sandwiches, too!

Ham and Blue Cheese Scones
Makes: 16 mini scones
Time: 55 minutes
Notes: Keep butter, milk and eggs cold until needed. Choose a blue cheese that is pungent, but not over powering. Here, we’ve used a Danish variety.


- 282 g flour
- 25 g sugar
- 3 g rosemary-infused sea salt
- 17 g baking powder
- 113 g unsalted butter
- 1 egg
- 125 g whole milk
- 50 g Danish blue cheese
- 50 g old-fashioned ham
- 1 egg + dash of milk (for egg wash)


Cut butter into small cubes, place in a container and put in the freezer to chill. In a large bowl, whisk dry ingredients together. In a separate bowl, combine eggs and milk. Crumble the blue cheese, and slice ham into small squares. Set aside.

Remove butter from freezer, and add to dry ingredients. With a fork, crumble the butter with the flour mixture, leaving some chunks. Add egg and milk mixture, and fold together gently. You don’t want it to be fully combined, so be careful not to overwork at this stage. Add blue cheese and ham, and mix together gently, leaving some crumbly parts.

Divide dough into two even rounds, and place into fridge for at least 20 minutes. Remove from fridge, and cut each round into eight even triangles. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet, and with a pastry brush, gently brush each top with an egg wash. Then add a few extra cheese crumbles on top, as desired.

Preheat oven to 400F, and bake on the middle rack for 25-30 minutes, depending on your oven and size of scones. Cool on a baking rack at room temperature, but they’re also very tasty while still warm.


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