Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis

Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis

Hey BAKED readers! I’m so excited to be joining this amazing team of my favourite Canadian bloggers and my first post couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s Canada Day and serviceberry season!

I first discovered serviceberries (aka Saskatoon or June berries) at a farmer’s market several years ago. Around the same time I spotted a bush bearing identical looking fruit and did something you should never do. I ate one. Luckily I ended up in serviceberry heaven vs. the hospital. Since learning how to properly identify the fruit instead of guessing, I’ve been picking them every summer around my neighbourhood. They’re like a blueberry, but taste more like an almond-scented plum.

For today’s recipe, if you can (safely) get your hands on some serviceberries, awesome! If not, then cherries or raspberries will do just as well.

ServiceberriesServiceberriesServiceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis

This is no ordinary clafoutis, but one made with ricotta, kefir, maple syrup, and brown rice flour. It tastes somewhere between what you would expect a clafoutis to taste like and cheesecake. Oh and it’s not really a clafoutis anyway, because “clafoutis”, by definition, is made with cherries only. Using other fruit makes it a “flaugnarde”, but I’m sticking with clafoutis since I’m breaking all the rules anyway.

Happy Canada Day!

Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis

Serviceberry and Ricotta Clafoutis
Time: 40 Minutes total {10 minute prep, 30 minute bake}

Print the recipe here.

1/2 cup full-fat ricotta
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup kefir (sub. buttermilk or your choice of dairy or plant-based milk)
zest of 1 small lemon
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 cup brown rice flour
2 eggs
butter, for the dish
1 cup serviceberries (sub. pitted cherries or raspberries)
powdered sugar (for serving, optional)

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

Cream the ricotta with a whisk to remove any clumps.
Add maple syrup, kefir, lemon zest, and salt and whisk until combined.
Slowly whisk in brown rice flour, taking care to remove any clumps.
Add the eggs and whisk until combined. Alternatively, you can combine the first 6 ingredients in a blender, then quickly pulse in eggs at the end.

Butter the bottom and sides of an 8″ x 8″ square, 9″ round, or 10″ x 7″ rectangular oven-proof dish.
Arrange the berries evenly on the bottom of the dish and pour over the batter.
Bake for around 30 minutes, or until the batter has set.
Serve warm, with a dusting of powdered sugar.


  1. says

    I’m from New England, so I’ve seen serviceberries on trees before but I never knew they were edible! But like you said, it can be very risky identifying plants out in the wild, so in the meantime I’ll be scouring the farmer’s markets for the serviceberry :)

  2. says

    Oh my, this looks delicious.
    I guess I never will find out, how serviceberries taste here in Germany.
    With cherry season I still will make this recipe. Thank you, it looks amazing! =)


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