Mixed Berry Press-In Tarts

Mixed Berry Press-In Tarts | www.80twenty.caGooey, fragrant thyme-scented triple berry jam and oaty, nutty, shortbread-like crusts. It’s a perfect combination for quick press-in tart perfection.


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Holiday Giveaway! A few of our favourite things.

Organic Masala Chai by Kimicha via foodiepages.ca // BAKED - the blog.

Laura: When I got my pick of options from the Foodie Pages Ottawa box, my eyes darted right to the organic masala chai from Kimicha. I love its deep, spicy flavour for sipping on winter days (with a heavy pour of maple syrup and almond milk please!), but I also enjoy it ground up or steeped into components of baked goods. The flavour of this particular one is so pure because it’s composed solely of whole and ground spices. It makes for a lovely caffeine-free sipper and an intense flavour addition to any one of these excellent masala chai-infused treats:

1. Chai Coconut Ice Cream by Cookie + Kate
2. Dirty Chai Pancakes by The First Mess—Yes, tooting my own horn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3. Chai Masala Pumpkin Pie + Black Tea Caramel by Seven Spoons
4. Chai Tea Cupcakes in a Jar by i am a food blog
5. Vegan Chai Ice Cream Sandwiches by Minimalist Baker

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup by Really Horrible Enterprises via foodiepages.ca // BAKED - the blog
Kris: Maple syrup is one of my all-time favourite ingredients (it must be the Canadian in me). So when I saw this was one of the Foodie Pages options, I enthusiastically picked it. I love the deep, creamy richness it lends to food and drinks and can’t imagine real-deal pancakes without it. The hint of smokiness from this Barrel Aged bottle from Really Horrible Enterprises (hilarious, right?) comes from the natural charred oak that’s used during its aging process, making that much more special. I love maple syrup stirred into hot breakfast cereals, used to sweetened baked goods and hot tea, and added to give balance savoury to dishes that have more robust flavour profiles. Here are a few ways that you could use maple syrup to sweeten up your day:

1. Everyday Oatmeal with Amaranth, Coconut, and Maple Sautéed Apples  by moi
2. Maple Cinnamon Meringues by Gourmande in the Kitchen
3. Smoky Maple Baked Beans by Foodess
4. Blackberry + Mango Lemon Poppy Seed Fruit Salad with Earl Grey Whipped Coconut Cream – With Food + Love
5. Maple Oat Breakfast Bread by Five and Spice via Food52… 

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